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Why ChooseJMathG?

Plain and simple - I love helping people and I love math. Those two facts, combined with the fact that my name is

Jonathan Matthew Gerhard,

have brought me to create my

personal tutoring service,


The most important thing a teacher can do is inspire their students and show them the subject they are learning is fun and exciting. The first teacher to show me how fun and beautiful and fascinating math can be was my 10th grade math teacher Mr. Baird. 

I won't claim to make you love math, but I will show you that it's not the impenetrable beast many make it seem! My main goal with this tutoring service is to be YOUR Mr. Baird. Math IS wonderful - more people should know that.

I started out helping friends with math at West Springfield High School in Virginia and by my second year of undergrad at James Madison University, I spent much of my free time tutoring people in math, science, and writing.

I continued tutoring throughout my graduate career at the University of Michigan, adding higher level mathematics, writing research papers, and academic program/grant applications to my tutoring skillset.

Despite those high level topics, some of my favorite tutoring is with grade school kids, where it's possible to stop the stigma against math before it even begins developing!

I've been lucky enough to spread the positivity of math through many educational activities (including a Math Magic activity!) at local elementary and middle schools and other wonderful outreach opportunities.

Now I'm focusing on my tutoring business full time! Utilizing Zoom and a drawing tablet, you will get the quick, clean instruction you'd expect during an in-person tutoring session from anywhere in the world!

Further, all your lessons can be saved and accessed later in your profile for review at any time.

Also, if you're within a few hours of the Shenandoah Valley, I have no problems traveling to tutor in-person.

If you want to learn how beautiful and fun math can be from a very enthusiastic nerd, please contact me today!

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